Mobile Marketing Service in UK

Today, mobile is an inseparable piece of technology from oneself. More than 60% of mobile using population owns smartphones. Therefore, it is important for marketers to conquer this space to reach out to different set of audiences and make them aware of their offering.

We at YNG Media provide mobile marketing services in UK. Our services include the entire step by step procedure right from the product analysis, strategy derivation, planning methodology and lastly creative execution. We ensure that with thorough knowledge of your target audience, we share a list of prospective mobile sites and applications that can help you boost your reach and ultimately sales. As one of the best mobile marketing company in UK, we emphasize on utmost creativity. Therefore, with our widening network of partners, each day we try to discover a new way to help you display your products and services effectively on this platform in the most innovative manner.

With our skilled resources, we are proud to announce that we can finely execute design and development of mobile websites as well as applications for your brand. Being a mobile marketing agency in UK, we also have the capability to recommend extended services like email marketing, as 85% of emails are read on a mobile phone.

Mobile marketing is the best way to stay ahead of the rat race in the digital marketing industry. Mobile marketing can go beyond the limits of the desktop and help the brand understand the depths of audience behaviour with parameters such as;

  • Sensitivity towards content
  • Interest areas
  • Buying capacity
  • Type of phone owned
  • Web of network
  • Demographics

These parameters not only help in constructing a specific type of content but also analysing the platforms one is available on. With this data, YNG Media can also help you create a broader marketing strategy and budget allocation to each segment. Elements such as launches, location tapping, offer introductions etc. can be well planned with this study.

So, the next time you think about mobile, you know we are here to work with you.
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