Content Management Services

We at YNG Media believe that the content is the king. In the digital marketing industry, content has to be finely crafted to meet the requirements of a reader dwelling on multiple platforms such as websites, social media and mobile. Each platform requires specific modifications in the content that is developed for a given objective, to be used immediately or archived.

Therefore, for the purpose of content storage, you need a web content management system. YNG Media provides content management services to store data in any form such as text, video or images. This system helps in the functioning of each department responsible for delivering a piece of content for a seamless data flow. With a high-end monitoring technology, you can also view the source of each piece of content and the person responsible for the job. This helps immensely especially when the content upload rights are shared with multiple parties.

YNG media is a renowned CMS development company. With a record of serving clients from varied industries such as FMCG, Telecom, Healthcare, Education etc., YNG Media has built a handsome portfolio. It is also known for its high-class ability to create CMS for website development. The CMS helps in building a website within minutes for any purpose with a simple mechanism.

The mechanism being that of feeding data in the backend to reflect the same on the pre designed layout on the UI. A website can either be an interactive one with a flash interface or a basic model built with HTML5. We also excel in parallax websites that come with a pre-made template that have strong content management systems to save your cost on designers.

In the digital marketing industry, YNG Media is considered to be amongst the top content managing firm. It has an upper hand in technological know-how with the help and support of its highly skilled resources.
These resources not only come with years of experience in the field of technology but also have strategic outlook on creating a structure that can be customized to fit the requirement of a wide set of audiences found in the digital environment. This results in custom CMS development which can be efficiently handled by a few in the industry and we are proud to be one of them.

Therefore, do not hesitate to have a round of discussion with us over a steaming cup of coffee to give us an opportunity to know you and your brand better and help create the next revolution.