5 Content Creation Strategies to Expand It’s Reach

  • January 20, 2016
  • SEO
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Content, as we all know, is the king in the digital market. Visitors don’t come to the website just to see impressive images or videos, they also look for content for detailed information.

There are many businesses and writers who feel satisfied even after getting a few views on their content, but this does not ensure success in the highly competitive market. There can be various reasons behind low traffic on the content like inferior quality, weak topic and low promotion.

Here are five content creation strategies to expand your content’s reach:

1. Take help of influencers

You can effectively grow your reach by winning the trust of some of the top influencers in your industry. It not only helps you get immediate traffic but also numerous subscribers without making many efforts.

The big trouble here is to impress the influencers and convince them to share your content, which is not possible with mediocre content. The tactics you can use to increase your chances of convincing the influencer to share your content include writing articles which their readers will like, ask for their advice and use them in the content and giving them a reason to care for your content.

2. Increase chances of image share with right optimization

It is a well-known fact that images are an essential part of the content to hold the attention of the readers. But you will find so many posts on social media platforms and blogs which have no relation with the content. If you really want the images to be shareable, optimize them in terms of size, information, picture quality and ALT tags.

3. Feature people who would share the content

Featuring influencers in the content might increase your chances of getting likes and visits but does not guarantee to share. So, why not feature someone who would be really happy about it and would love to share it as much as he/she can. These people can be your readers, customers or employees.

4. Write content for a community

This strategy is basically related to providing a solution to a specific community. You first have to understand their problem and write content to solve that problem. Forums or websites like Quora are good platforms to find right topics.

5. Pick popular topics

If you think that adding words like ‘surprising’ ‘killer’ etc. in the headline can make your topic go viral, you are committing a mistake most of the content marketers do. Just understand the three important factors: positive feelings, emotional complexity and the element of surprise.


The content marketing can be successful and beneficial for your business only when the content reaches out to a wide audience. If you have been thinking about the right tactics to make your content viral, use any of the above-mentioned strategies and get ready to see impeccable changes in your content reach.

Successful implementation of these tactics will help you expand your reach, get more subscribers and make your brand more popular.

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